About the Artist

Born and raised in the South, Nichelle became an artist in a very interesting way.....she went to business school.

While working in corporate America has its share of thrills, Nichelle needed something else productive to do.  And then one day, Nichelle came across a local bead shop and knew that she had found a true calling -- making jewelry by hand.

Nichelle has always been an avid crafter - knitting, painting, sewing  -- you could say it was in her blood as she was taught most of these crafts by the women in her family. 

Nichelle started taking classes in beading, chainmaille and polymer clay and, literally, has not looked back since.    After making pieces for herself, Nichelle was stunned by the response she received when people saw her work.   Due to the response from folks about her jewelry, Nichelle decided to hang out her shingle and start selling her work.

So, you are warmly welcomed to Necessities by Nichelle.  

I hope you enjoy and love these pieces as much as I have enjoyed and loved creating them.

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